Terms & Conditions


Tour Prices

Our prices include transportation, guiding, sightseeing, entrances, activities, meals & beverages, service charges & taxes and services of Out and About Minnesota Tours staff, as well as other items as described.  

Prices represent a complete package price and are based on prices from our partners at time of booking. We are unable to provide an itemization of individual component costs. Out and About Minnesota Tours LLC reserves the right to substitute an activity or event when necessary due to reasons beyond our control, from those described on the website or in the quoted itinerary. 

Reservations and Payment

Your tour reservation is confirmed upon receipt of your tour payment either through the online system, by phone, or by email. You will receive a confirmation in writing.   

A signed reservation form will be required in order to participate in a tour package provided by Out and About Minnesota Tours LLC. This will be supplied on day of departure.


We know it may happen, so if you must cancel your tour with us, we would like to receive your cancellation in writing (just send us an email). We can confirm you on another one of our tours at no penalty, but if you would like a refund, there will be a $50 cancellation fee until 5 days prior to tour departure. Within 5 days of tour departure, there is no refund. (but remember you can confirm a place on another of our tours!) Or, we will accept a name change 5 days or more before tour departure. 

We aren't able to refund any tour inclusion you do not utilize.

Responsibility & Release of Liability

Out and About Minnesota Tours LLC acts as an agent for the contractors providing transportation or other services. Out and About Minnesota Tours LLC shall not be responsible in any way for loss, injury or damage arising from an Act of God, strikes, theft, sickness, breakdown, delay, cancellation, error, omissions or any other cause beyond our control. Out and About Minnesota Tours LLC reserves the right, without any advanced notice, to make changes or cancellations, in part or in whole, as circumstances dictate. Out and About Minnesota Tours LLC is released of liability for consequences of the personal activities of any tour participant, who, as a consenting adult, is deemed personally responsible for decisions concerning conditions of health, safety, fitness for any activity in which the tour participant engages. 

Any payment for a package offered by Out and About Minnesota Tours LLC shows acceptance and acknowledgement of prices, exclusions, conditions and responsibilities as stated above and releases Out and About Minnesota Tours LLC and all of its agents and representatives from any and all liability, actions, causes of actions, suits, debts, demands that you may have in connections with your participation in an Out and About Minnesota Tours LLC tour or activity.